Stop the bailiff adding false fees for council tax

Gordon Angelo, London W5You remember I hired you last Monday?
I had a letter from the council this morning saying they are placing all recovery action on hold and will allow direct payments against the arrears.
This means I don’t have to pay baliff fees, LOL! Read More…





If you’ve already let the bailiff the bailiff in and they have listed your furniture and you’ve signed an Walking Possession Agreement, then it’s too late – I can’t help you.

If you’ve let the bailiff in, say goodbye to your furniture and don’t bother calling me – it’s too late.

But if you HAVEN’T let the bailiff in then I CAN help you.

The bailiff does NOT have the power of forced entry (no matter what he tells you).

The bailiff CANNOT arrest you (no matter what he tells you).

As long as you haven’t let the bailiff in, I can do something for you.

If the bailiffs are demanding money for unpaid council tax, they will no doubt be demand either an unfeasibly large payment or total settlement on the spot. However, a bailiff must be lawful, justifiable and proportionate in his acts and behaviour.

If you suspect that he’s not, don’t just give in, call me!

Even if you can prove you have made a payment to the bailiff company, they may not have passed the money onto the council and this gives rise to further visits and more bailiff bills, meaning that your nightmare is never over. See here: the bailiff scam.

A bailiff must be lawful, justifiable and proportionate in his acts and behaviour so don’t give in.

To get immediate help with your bailiff problem call John Galt on 07909 588 519 or send an email to

For help with your council tax bailiff, I need from you (by email, fax or scan):

1. Bailiff company and their case number. Amount allegedly owing to the bailiff

2. Please call the council and ask them the exact amount outstanding including liability order. Write down the full name of the person who gave  you the figure. Ask them if they would take the case back from the bailiff. Ask them why not, then write it all down.

3. Your full name(s) and address including postcode – is it a joint or single-name council tax bill?

4. What state benefits are you on (now or expect very shortly)?

5. Any prescriptions you are taking (some medications carry exemption from bailiff action)

6. The council name and your council tax reference number

7. Tell me how much you can commit to per month, or can you settle it all in one go at a push?

8. Is there a vehicle registered in your name nearby that could be clamped by the bailiff?

9. How did the arrears happen? Job loss? Bereavement? Something else?

10. Did you let the bailiff into your home at any time in the past? If the answer to this question is ‘yes’ then I’m sorry, but you’re totally beyond help and neither myself nor anyone else can do anything for you as you’ve given him the power of forced entry.

11.  Payment of my fee


These testimonials show how quickly a case can be resolved.

The alternative is to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau. They are very good but you may have a long wait to get an appointment and they cannot represent you in court or arbitration so you will have to contact a £200 per hour lawyer at some point.

Whether you’re being chased by Bristow & Sutor, Ross & Roberts, Jacobs Bailiffs or any other registered bailiff firm, we can help you if you get in touch.